Most part of time in a boat is usually spent anchoring in coves or beaches where guests keep enjoying their leisure time popularly through using the different water toys for boat. Regardless the boat is for private use or for charter, we professionally manage both the purchase or rental of the best water toys for yacht that give the perfect fun to your boat guests during the anchoring time. In last years, the trends in water toys for boat that have been used by clients are the following ones:

Seabob Ibiza for rent

seabob ibiza


Rent seabob Ibiza: The water toy for yacht by excellence is the seabob, a water turbine vehicle that allows swimming and immersing in the water with no more efforts. A very exciting and unforgotteable experience! You can set the seabob speed as you prefer so you will feel comfortable using this powerful water toy for boat. Absolute emotion and adrenaline rush in the water!

Jet ski Ibiza for rent

jet ski ibiza


Rent jet ski Ibiza: Other traditional water toy for yacht is the jet ski that is driven by seated for having an easy drive experience. Jet ski engine has a turbine power till 300 cv and can be enjoyed by up to three people.

Fliteboard Ibiza for rent

fliteboard ibiza


Rent fliteboard Ibiza: A trending water toy for boat is Fliteboard that very seems to other surf tables with hydrofoils that have been marketed but it has an important difference: it has a propeller in the bottom area that is activated when passengers start its electric engine. When it starts, Fliteboard is able of reaching almost 25 mph speed while the removable battery set can ensure till 15.5 miles by only one charge. Engineers that designed Fliteboard say that it is so powerful that can keep the surf table in running during one hour depending water conditions and surfer weight.

Flyboard Ibiza for rent

flyboard ibiza


Rent flyboard Ibiza: Flyboard is a water toy for boat by means of an hydrofoil table that is joint to a jet ski by a hose that allows driving the Flyboard. Pressurised water is sent by means of the hose from the jet ski to the boots that keep the rider and launch pressure water for push him up. The rider skill allows that can reach till 15 meter elevation or diving till 2,5 meter.

Radinn Ibiza for rent

radinn ibiza


Rent radinn Ibiza: This water toy for yacht allows user to practise wakeboarding by means of a carbon fibre object and a propeller engine that runs by using a lithium ion battery. Power controls are managed by using a wireless device and it's able to reach an speed upper than 45 kilometers per hour.

Jetsurf Ibiza for rent

jetsurf ibiza


Rent jetsurf Ibiza: as a forefront water toy for yacht, Jetsurf is a surf table that runs by means of a propulsion given by a petrol engine. Its features are perfect for anybody that likes adrenaline rush in a surf environment. It's perfect as a new water toy for those more adventurer yachts.

Hydrofoil Ibiza for rent

hydrofoil ibiza


Rent hydrofoil Ibiza: Hydrofoil is a surf table that is raised on the water when speed increases by means of a flap that has a wing shape. This water toy for boat increases speed and decreases the friction surface that exists between the table hull and the water by avoiding the friction and resistence with waves and then people can surf over them while the keel do the same under water.

Ibiza boat rental

Monterey 278 SS

boat hire ibiza formentera

Length: 8,8 m. Beam: 2,65 m. Guests: 8.

Yacht Van Dutch 40

van dutch 40 ibiza charter

Length: 12. Beam: 3,5. Guests: 9

Yacht Fjord 40

fjord 40 ibiza charter

Length: 12. Beam: 4. Guests: 11.

Yacht Pardo 43

pardo 43 ibiza charter

Length: 13,4. Beam: 4,2. Guests: 11

Yacht Evo 43

evo 43 ibiza charter

Length: 13. Beam: 4,25. Guests: 11.

Yacht Pardo 50

pardo 50 ibiza charter

Length: 16,25. Beam: 4,95. Guests: 12