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Sailing round Formentera

If you want to charter one of our yachts in Ibiza and Formentera including our skipper service, we recommend our skippers to give you an opinion on what suits you. They will be your guide in everything from your expectations, preferences, experiences at sea in a professional way tailored to your request. Truly the best days at sea are the ones you get to decide yourself.

Should you have an internationally approved skipper's certificate you can of course sail the boats yourself. This can however only be done on our rentals in Ibiza and Formentera. We will also advise you on the best sites in the area for you to steer towards behind the rotter.

Welcome to Formentera. Here are our top recommendations to visit places by yacht:

Espalmador and Es Racó de S'Alga

Yacht charter in Espalmador, Formentera, Balearic Islands


Espalmador is like a dream; a small wild island without residents located at the north coast of Formentera with white sandy beaches and blue water. There is urban zones anywhere and most visitors come in luxury yachts from Ibiza. There are many unspoilt and wonderful beaches but the best one is Es Racó de S'alga (also called S'alga Beach). It sits a as natural inlet to the coast with very thin white sand and clear water both with a low depth sea bed perfect for swimming. This beach is located in Western part of the area stretching one kilometre and is surrounded by a little promontory covered in vegetation.


Yacht charter in Illetes, Formentera, Balearic Islands


There is no better cover letter for Ses Illetes than the recent award. A #7 world rank position and #1 in both Europe and Spain in the Travellers' Choice Awards, recognized by Tripadvisor website. This is a beautiful, virgin and idyllic beach where many people enjoy snorkeling.

Among a wide range of restaurant offers, noteworthy is the Juan and Andrea restaurant. This is the only establishment with palm trees on the beach whose history makes it as special as the fish and shellfish. We will also mention the Es Molí de Sal restaurant, probably the most symbolic restaurant of Formentera Island, where you can anchor your yacht in the bay and call the restaurant to get picked up by a staff member taking you to the restaurant. Finally, a fashionable restaurant in Illetes is Beso Beach wich combines the best of mediterranean and basque cuisines. This place should not be left without tasting the mojitos in the good music environment.

Saona Cove (Cala Saona)

Yacht charter in Saona, Formentera, Balearic Islands


Saona Cove is one of the most beautiful coves to visit in Formentera Island. The calmness and beauty of this cove makes a sea lovers destination. Saona Cove is characterised by being place between two cliffs and is virgin-like zone. The thin sand and clear water invites anybody in for snorkel practice. The marine and subaquatic conditions are very suitable for anchoring yachts. Due to its position and calm, this cove is also one chosen by many people who looks to enjoy amazing sunsets.

There is a restaurant in Saona Cove, Sol restaurant, where you can enjoy a meal on the terrace with tremendous views. In this restaurant, the best fish in the Formentera waters can be tried out. We recommend the dish called rotja en salsa verde.

Es Migjorn

Yacht charter in Es Migjorn, Formentera, Balearic Islands


This coast takes up nearly the entire south of Formentera and is one of the biggest beaches of the island. Is it a isolated beach with beautiful corners and clear water perfect for snorkeling. Its magnitude and geographical placement allows makes this beach one of the less visited in Formentera and one of the more calm ones.

In spite of the calmness there are many restaurants and beach-bars. The following are good places to eat during your day at sea: Sa Plageta restaurant whose specialities is newly caught fish and amazing shellfish. The family Real Playa restaurant specialises in mediterranean cuisine where fresh fish from the island, rices, stews, meats, are prepared. The Es Codol Foradat restaurant where shellfish paellas have a delicious flavour.

Es Arenals

Yacht charter in Es Arenals, Formentera, Balearic Islands


Es Arenals Beach is one of the biggest beaches in the Migjorn area and also one of the most visited and beautiful places, which is a mandatory visit in Formentera. From Es Arenals you'll find views of La Mola. The clear water of green emerald color makes you feel like you're in an advertisement.

Es Arenals has a wide range of restaurants and leisure where highlight are the Es Arenals restaurant, specialising in fish, shellfish and paella. There is also the classical Pirata Bus who is very has signature mojitos and chilled island environment. The Flipper & Chiller Restaurant Chill-Out is also a favorite with their classical rice and fish to share t go with nice wines.

Es Caló Beach (Ses Platgetes)

Yacht charter in Es Calo, Formentera, Balearic Islands


Ses Platgetes is a set of small beaches among rocky areas located in the East area, just before the little village called Es Caló de Sant Agustí. The beaches are small and made by thin white sand and apart from not being the most crowded places it has the amazing panoramic view of the La Mola area. Again, this water is perfect to both swim and snorkel.

In Es Caló Beach, the blue color of the sea is more beautiful than any picture published in catalogues and magazines. In terms of gastronomy, the Can Rafalet restaurant might be our favourite ones because apart from serving deliciously cooked fish and shellfish, you can enjoy the star dish of Formentera Island: bullit de peix.


Yacht charter to see the sunset, Formentera, Balearic Islands


Our last recommendation can be enjoyed anywhere from sea in Formentera. With the right setting at the perfect moment you can sip a glass of champagne or simply chill-out in a highly exotic atmosphere - our crew will tailor your offer and and ensure to create moments you will never forget. Contact us for more information.

Ibiza boat rental with positioning in Formentera

Monterey 278 SS

boat hire ibiza formentera

Length: 8,8 m. Beam: 2,65 m. Guests: 8.

Yacht Van Dutch 40

van dutch 40 ibiza charter

Length: 12. Beam: 3,5. Guests: 9

Yacht Fjord 40

fjord 40 ibiza charter

Length: 12. Beam: 4. Guests: 11.

Yacht Pardo 43

pardo 43 ibiza charter

Length: 13,4. Beam: 4,2. Guests: 11

Yacht Evo 43

evo 43 ibiza charter

Length: 13. Beam: 4,25. Guests: 11.

Yacht Pardo 50

pardo 50 ibiza charter

Length: 16,25. Beam: 4,95. Guests: 12