Nautical consulting

Just as every person is different from one another, every boat owner is different from the rest of boat owners. For this reason at Charterblu we advise every boat owner during the purchase process and in the whole logistics during the boat's entire shelf life. Our aim is to obtain the highest possible return of investment for the owner as well as guaranteeing that his wishes and nautical dreams are fulfilled when acquiring a new boat.

In each customized advice we use a simple formula that combines different variables to help boat owners in the choice of the best boat according to their needs: slow sailing vs fast sailing, average number of people on board, predominance of coastal navigation or sea crossing, number of days per year on board, overnight stays outside port, seasonal navigation periods, reliability, financial variants, tax benefits and return of investment.

At this point after carrying out an in depth analysis of the case the future boat owner has a clearer idea about the type of boat he wants to acquire. Next step will be to accompany him to a boat exhibition to show a selection of boats according to his wishes. As part of our comprehensive and expert advice we will make the future owner see the pros and cons of each boat and help him during the purchasing decision.

Temporary assignment

Boat Maintenance Savings


Without a doubt a new sail boat is a big investment. The best way to guarantee a return of the annual maintenance costs of a boat is a charter ownership. Depending on the type of boat and the window of days in a year when the owner does not use the boat, the assignment to the charter company pays off. The boat owner could fully amortize the annual maintenance costs and even earn money through this activity.

This new formula is simple to understand: the boat owner establishes a window of days in which he wants to dispose of the boat and the rest of the time Charterblu charters the boat temporarily for its clients. In this case Charterblu is responsible for carrying out all the boat's maintenance and cleaning tasks ensuring that it is in perfect conditions and ready to sail at the time required by both owner and client of the charter service. This is what we call turnkey service.

Every day more boat owners believe in this formula: from successful entrepreneurs to sport stars or celebrities. The traditional phrase applied to every boat owner "the two happiest days in a boat owners life are the day he buys it and the day he sells it" becomes obsolete with charter ownership. We find a more appropriate one "the two happiest days in a boat owners life are the day he buys it and the annual settlement day with the nautical charter company".

Annual maintenance costs

Boat Maintenance Costs


We should bear in mind that to sail at any time of the year the boat must be kept in perfect condition in order to avoid undesired surprises at port or what could be more unpleasant, during sailing. Our extensive experience in the nautical sector leads us to conclude that the running fixed costs per year can vary approximately between 10 and 12% of the purchase price of the boat. These running costs can be briefly summarized:

■ Mooring point and fees.

■ Insurance.

■ Boatyard.

■ Zinc anodes.

■ Mechanical maintenance.

■ Electrical maintenance.

■ Epoxi painting and antifouling.

■ Deck maintenance.

■ Polishing and brightening.

■ Varnishes and lacqueres.

■ Teak protection and treatment.

■ Crew.

■ Safety equipment.

■ Batteries.

■ Wastewater treatment.

■ Nautical cordage, fenders and others.

We are at your entire disposal and we will be glad to answer any doubt regarding our nautical consultancy service. If you wish to receive additional information please contact us.