Ibiza boat rental

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We develop boat rentals in Ibiza and Formentera and our work is focused on dedicating our effort and creativity in those initiatives that can make your days at sea unforgettable. More...

Moreover, all our skippers are experienced and have a high knowledge of the Ibiza and Formentera environments. We believe chartering one of our yachts in Ibiza and Formentera should include our skipper service. Alternatively, you can rental our boats in Ibiza and Formentera without including the skipper service.

Sea is our passion... Clients are our recognition ... So we could not receive a better recognition to our service than the trust from the Spanish football collective. The Spanish Footballers Association (AFE) has exclusively chosen Charterblu as the official nautic charter in Denia, Ibiza and Formentera for all the Spanish football players.

Clients choose us because our main goal provides maximum satisfaction after completing a day at sea with us. This is our real mission which identifies us in our field. During the years we have learnt that our excellence consists on our involvement for the development of a continuous atmosphere of positive emotions for all our clients during the days spent at sea. We know how to do it. Our simple formula combines the expectation, dedication, experience, professionality and effort of our staff with the quality of our rental boats in Ibiza which can be found below:

Fastboat Monterey 278 SS

boat hire ibiza formentera

Length: 8,8 m. Beam: 2,65 m. Guests: 8.

Fastboat Sea Ray 290 SLX

boat rental on ibiza

Length: 10 m. Beam: 3 m. Guests: 12.

Fastboat Saxdor 320

boat hire ibiza price

Length: 11 m. Beam: 3,1 m. Guests: 8.

Fastboat Sessa Key Largo 34

boat hire ibiza sunset

Length: 11,1 m. Beam: 3,3 m. Guests: 10.

Yacht Cranchi Endurance 39

boat charter day ibiza

Length: 12,95. Beam: 3,50. Guests: 9.

Yacht Focus Forza 40

focus forza 40 ibiza hire

Length: 11,4 m. Beam: 3,6 m. Guests: 11.

Sunseeker Portofino 40

yacht charter ibiza to formentera

Length: 12,9. Beam: 3,9. Guests: 9

Yacht Van Dutch 40

van dutch 40 ibiza charter

Length: 12. Beam: 3,5. Guests: 9

Yacht Fjord 40

fjord 40 ibiza charter

Length: 12. Beam: 4. Guests: 11.

Yacht Fjord 41 XL

fjord 41 xl ibiza yacht for rent

Length: 12 m. Beam: 4 m. Guests: 11.

Yacht Pardo 43

pardo 43 ibiza charter

Length: 13,4. Beam: 4,2. Guests: 11

Yacht Evo 43

evo 43 ibiza charter

Length: 13. Beam: 4,25. Guests: 11.

Yacht Fjord 44

boat charter on ibiza

Length: 13,45. Beam: 4,25. Guests: 11.

Yacht Pershing 45

pershing 45 ibiza charter

Length: 13,7. Beam: 4,2. Guests: 11.

Yacht Fjord 48

fjord 48 ibiza charter

Length: 16. Beam: 4,81. Guests: 12

Yacht Pardo 50

pardo 50 ibiza charter

Length: 16,25. Beam: 4,95. Guests: 12

Yacht De Antonio 50

de antonio 50 ibiza yacht charter

Length: 14,9. Beam: 4,4. Guests: 11

Yacht Riva Rivale 52

riva rivale 52 ibiza charter

Length: 16,12. Beam: 4,47. Guests: 9.

Yacht Sunseeker Portofino 53

sunseeker portofino 53 ibiza charter

Length: 17,4. Beam: 4,7. Guests: 9

Yacht Pershing 56

pershing 56 ibiza charter

Length: 18. Beam: 4,8. Guests: 11

Yacht Princess V58

yacht charter ibiza town

Length: 18,2. Beam: 4,6. Guests: 12

Yacht Cranchi 60 ST

cranchi 60 ibiza yacht charter

Length: 18. Beam: 4,85. Guests: 10

Yacht Sunseeker Predator 62

sunseeker predator 62 ibiza charter

Length: 19,61. Beam: 5. Guests: 12

Yacht Pershing 62

yacht charter ibiza botafoch

Length: 19,4. Beam: 5. Guests: 12

Yacht Sunseeker Predator 68

denia ibiza charter yacht service

Length: 22,44. Beam: 5,5. Guests: 12

Yacht Pershing 72

yacht charter ibiza botafoch

Length: 22,3. Beam: 5,5. Guests: 12

Yacht Sunseeker Predator 72

sunseeker predator 72 ibiza charter

Length: 22. Beam: 5,4. Guests: 12

Yacht Sunseeker Predator 74

sunseeker predator 74 ibiza charter

Length: 22,38. Beam: 5,4. Guests: 12

Yacht Sunseeker Predator 75

sunseeker predator 75 charter ibiza

Length: 23. Beam: 5,4. Guests: 12

Yacht Alfamarine 78

private boat charter ibiza to formentera

Length: 24. Beam: 5,9. Guests: 12

Yacht Sunseeker Predator 82

luxury yacht day charter ibiza

Length: 24 m. Beam: 6 m. Guests: 12

Yacht Sunseeker Predator 84

sunseeker predator 84 ibiza charter

Length: 26,48. Beam: 6,37. Guests: 12

Yacht Sunseeker 88

sunseeker 88 ibiza charter

Length: 27 m. Beam: 6,47 m. Guests: 12

Yacht Pershing 8X

pershing 8x ibiza charter

Length: 25,5 m. Beam: 5,8 m. Guests: 12

Yacht Pershing 90

pershing 90 ibiza charter

Length: 27,6. Beam: 6,2. Guests: 12

Yacht Pershing 9X

pershing 9x ibiza charter

Length: 28,1. Beam: 6,2. Guests: 12

Yacht Astondoa 102 GLX

best yacht charter ibiza

Length: 31 m. Beam: 7 m. Guests: 12

Yacht Mangusta 108

mangusta 108 yacht ibiza charter

Length: 32,9 m. Beam: 7,15 m. Guests: 12

Mangusta 130 yacht

super yacht charter ibiza

Length: 40. Beam: 7,8. Guests: 12

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